The bright city


Unlike other tours, this one is entirely focused on one specific culture and moment in time; quite possibly the most important and most definitely the most fascinating. We will travel ten centuries back in time to discover first-hand ‘Qurtuba de los Omeyas’, where Abd al-Rahman the First would place the first stone of the first mosque in the city and where Madinat al-Zahra would fall at the hands of the Berbers in the civil war which ended the Caliphate and would condemn Madinat al-Zahra, the most lavish and captivating city of its time, to history. We will visit the site so we can reflect on one of the sites which has made Córdoba what it is today.

  • Monday to Sunday at 10:00.
  • Guide, vehicle and driver are included.
  • Includes ticket for the bus to the site.
  • For groups of 2 to 5 people.


€39, two children can enter free if under the age of ten*

Meeting point

Córdoba Train Station (or from your hotel)


4 hours