You’ll be captivated by its columns

The Mezquita is Córdoba and Córdoba is the Mezquita. Discovering one means you discover the other, loving one means you love the other. There are few other monuments that can evoke such a feeling. Built at the height of Córdoba’s splendour and cultural harmony, the Mezquita will take you to a different world. It is possible to lose yourself in the maze of pink colums, leading off in a million different directions that will lead you to the beauty of the mihrab. There’s also the astounding decadence of the Gate of the Visires. Enjoy this unmatched monument by switching off and letting it lead you around its interior. That way, you will truly be able to experience this unique monument.

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  • Monday to Saturday at 12:00. Tickets included.
  • For groups of 2 to 20 people.
  • The entire tour is wheelchair-accessible.
  • A motorised wheelchair or an electric scooter can be organised.


Special price groups from €28

free entry for children under 10

Meeting point:

Torrijos street door

(or from your hotel)


1:30 hours