We are respectful with ideology, race and language.

Our motto is communication, inclusion, universal accessibility but especially, equality and respect for those who have physical barriers to culture, closed areas and free movement around the city. We have succeeded in bringing international partners behind this common purpose.

Our project has been monitored by architects, engineers, designers, film-makers guide and supported by communication, accessibility, mobility and tourism technicals. We all have ever wondered what could happen when I become an elderly or disabled person and have reduced movility? Being a sport lover since childhood, I have experienced being a victim of a traffic accident.

Suddenly I realized how many barriers and difficultties we have to move . That was when I started thinking how to make life easier for those who have accessibility problems. I wish all these services contributes to make Cordoba an accesible tourist destination.

Rafael Calvo. Co-funder
Co-funder ECOTOUR Accessible Tourism.